Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stainless Steel

Few folks know how to remove scratches, rust or chemical discoloration from stainless steel.  As long as the surface is satin or brushed stainless stell, restoration is possible.  We can help home-owners reduce the cost of replacement by providing our pricing to repair it.  Give us a call. 

DOE recommendations on Office Lighting

From Building Service Management article, the Department of Energy recommends the following to achieve a well-lit environment:
Room Service brightness;
Reduction of glare;
Adequate task luminance;
Uniform light distribution;
Good color lamps;
Visual interest;
Electronic ballasts;
Controls & Day lighting

Low Turn-Over Rate at WeClean123

We have always maintained that it is a win-win scenerio when employees are paid a living wage and treated well.  Not only is our own turn-over rate non-existent but our reputation as being a good company continues.  Our customers are happy because in part, our crew chief, technicians and janitorial crews are happy!  Great shot, don't you think?!?. 

"SKIP CLEANING" Wears Carpets

This just in from Contracting Profits Magazine:  Skip Cleaning menas the reduction in cleaning visits and thus includes the reduction in the frequency the office carpets are vacuumed.  If this happens, carpets will wear faster.  Just like other textiles, carpet will show wear over time without proper maintenance.  Major traffic lanes should be vacuumed daily.

Accidental Damage

A GOLDEN RULE of our WeClean123 and Pacific Cleaning:  If a crew member crew sees something damaged or glass that is blown or scratched during our janitorial or window cleaning, we point it out to the Customer.  If the customer is not home, our crew calls the office so we can note it on the work order.  Another GOLDEN RULE for our company is that if we in fact do cause any breakage, our crew knows to immediately "fess up" to the office and to the Customer.  This is almost as important as our weekly safety meetings.