Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We recently lost a bid for pressure washing a home-owner's property.  When I inquired to the General as to why, here's the answer I got:

"The owners hired two guys with a pressure washer and dirty rags.  Got water in the doors and windows and the windows are worse than before.  Other than that, they did a great job but I was embarrassed to have guys like that around.  But it was the Owner's choice.  Your price looked fine to me but they thought they could do it cheaper.  Oh and I forgot, it took these guys 3 days.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We Are A Member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce

One of the great benefits of our membership the Sausalito Chamber is that we can use the Chamber's B2B e-Newsletter to post promotions or mention a special event.  Though we are not the type of business to have special events, we are hoping to put together a Summer Promotional this year.  Stay Tuned! 

The Three P's of Disinfecting

As a commercial custodial group, it's a must!  We use only disinfectants that are registered by the EPA.  We are not a vinegar and water cleaning outfit, but our product lines are approved and the real deal.  Each product calls for the proper procedure to use it.  For example, a disinfectant used on kitchen counter tops needs "dwell time".  To spray it on, only to wipe it off, does not good.  The places we clean are important as well.  We often point out to the customer that high traffic areas in offices should be cleaned nightly.  Other surfaces that can promote germs are desks, tables, chairs, benches, lockers, toys, door knobs, light swtiches, sinks, and more. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Now that everyone's Portfolio's are looking good---HIRE US!  Schedule early for window cleaning in our busy Spring and Summer seasons and scope out your homes for deep cleaning for fair weather friends and guests coming into town!  Thanks!

Here's the Reply from Marin Home Magazine

The reason there is no listing for a commercial janitorial company in the Marin Home Magazine is that the publicaion's referral listings are of members only.  We are not currently a member but will consider it!