Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Q&A About Hand Sanitizers

Facilities managers posed the following questions to manufacturers of hand sanitizers:

How many sanitizers are needed at a facility? 
Locale is important----Every entryway, heavily traveled areas and in schools, each classroom

What's better - quat-based or alcohol based sanitizers?
Quat-based have risk of causing allergies and can leave sticky residue but are not flamable and contain no alcohol.  Alcohol based sanitizers have been proven to kill 99.99 percent or more of micro-organisms.

Should kids in school be allowed to use sanitizers?
Yes!  When soap and water are not available, alcohol based sanitizer is next best thing

The 10 Fastest Growing Industries for Small Businesses

Did anyone catch the Yahoo piece from recently?  Here's the lineup of best performers (fastest growth) industries in 2012:

  1. Residential building construction
  2. Building custom software and servers for businesses
  3. Machinery, equipment, supplies wholesalers
  4. Management, scientific and technical consulting services
  5. Architectural engineering and related services
  6. Foundation, structure and building exterior contractors
  7. Building finishing contractors (additions, alterations, repairs)
  8. General freight trucking
  9. Services to building and dwellings, including pest exterminators, janitorial services
  10. Other specialty contractors including site preparation trades