Thursday, August 30, 2012

Winter Strategy

We will be rocking and rolling with our window cleaning crew as the warm months in Marin have now arrived.  But don't forget that winter is just around the corner.  As a cleaning company, we appreciate "inside" janitorial business as the days become shorter and wetter!   Got special cleaning projects?  Family coming for holiday's?  Not quite happy with your office help?  Let's talk! 

Cleaning Tip for Water Deposits on Windows

From time to time, we will encounter heavy hard water stains on windows.  These are exceptionally difficult to remove but we have been told that a new product is out that may do the trick:  Enviro Terra R-T-U.  It is an acid replacement, but no bad odors and non-caustic. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Peg Copple Remembered

On August 25, 2012, we will observe the 2nd year anniversary of the passing of Sausalito Icon, Peg Copple.

Peg was our role model as she was a keen and intelligent realtor, worked tirelessly for the community and was always generous with her time if we needed advice.  At every opportunity, Peg promoted our cleaning service but as neighbors, we enjoyed just being able to wave hello and talk about the weather.  Peg, we loved you and we miss you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Words from an Emmy Award Winning Film Maker

About our recently launched website:
"Wow!! I mean . . . wow!!  Not only did you step up to the plate, you knocked one way beyond McCovey Cove.  Not only did you produce a magnificent entrepreneurial statement but a wonderful testament to you both....Great visuals throughout....Christof gives you thumbs up, four stars and the little man leaping out of his chair applauding.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Sausalito Women's Club Salute

A salute to the various members of the Sausalito Women’s Club who manage rentals and in-house events for this long established organization. In our own long time association with the club, we have appreciated very much, these women’s efforts. They provide instructions and coordination to our office so that our janitors can set up chairs, furniture and props to make each event “perfect”. We ALL like perfect! We also like that we work in a day and age where e-mail’s, like faxes, have become second nature.

Discounts and Promotions

Mid Summer Madness: WeClean123 will provide a 10% discount when we are hired to provide pressure washing, window cleaning and gutter service in one visit. Ask for a free estimate and remind our Estimate that you saw this promotional.

No.2 August 2012 Cleaning Tip

This is our most valuable tip about window smudges and we share it often. Families who include dogs and children most always have pooch and toddler prints on the windows. Use a dry 000 steel wool to rub them off between professional window cleans.

They do not work if you spray on and just wipe off. Disinfectant sprays must be sprayed on and left to dwell on the bacteria.

No.1 August 2012 Cleaning Tip

This in from Which is dirtier: your kitchen or your toilet seat? You guessed it, "in most cases, writes Alessandra Bulow of Food & Wine, it’s safe to make a salad on a toilet seat than it is to make one on a cutting board. People (and janitors) disinfect their bathrooms all the time, but hardly are janitors asked to disinfect the kitchen counters and cutting boards."

A tip about disinfectant sprays: Let the spray dwell on the countertop to pick up bacteria. Use a paper towel to absorb moisture and pick up remaining bacterial content.

Recent Customer Experiences

7/8/12: Just a few weeks ago, our janitorial crew had been dispatched to clean the common areas of a Bed & Breakfast suite in Sausalito. A guest arrived during our visit with many packages from her tourist outing. Without even a request, our man stopped his job and helped the visitor carry her packages up two flights of stairs to her apartment in the building. She was so impressed with his demeanor; she made it her business to contact our office - not only to compliment our employee but to hire us to provide a one-time cleaning upon her departure. We have observed loud and bravado workers in homes. We value that our employees are quite, courteous and sensitive to customers.

2/1/12: Not often but sometimes we fall on our sword. During this rainy week in February, we were short 3 crew members at the same time. Though we re-assigned our workers to cover our regularly scheduled jobs, we had to post-pone a one-time real estate cleaning. We knew that there would be fall-out - given the tight schedules that realtors maintain. We were never called back by that agent.

4/13/11: Window cleaning can be quite challenging with the steep terrain in Sausalito. Sometimes, our foreman must ask permission to set ladders in an adjacent property. In this particular case, the adjacent land owner not only gave us permission, but has employed our company twice since then to clean his own windows. We feel our crisp uniforms, our polite manner and the fact that we contacted the Owner before proceeding, all reflected who we are.

12/11/11: One of our customers impressed us so much. We have been sending her an annual “checking in” note every since. It was a brutally cold day for outside window cleaning and this customer brought out hot chocolate to all of our crew. I know it was a special boost to our guys.