Monday, August 6, 2012

Recent Customer Experiences

7/8/12: Just a few weeks ago, our janitorial crew had been dispatched to clean the common areas of a Bed & Breakfast suite in Sausalito. A guest arrived during our visit with many packages from her tourist outing. Without even a request, our man stopped his job and helped the visitor carry her packages up two flights of stairs to her apartment in the building. She was so impressed with his demeanor; she made it her business to contact our office - not only to compliment our employee but to hire us to provide a one-time cleaning upon her departure. We have observed loud and bravado workers in homes. We value that our employees are quite, courteous and sensitive to customers.

2/1/12: Not often but sometimes we fall on our sword. During this rainy week in February, we were short 3 crew members at the same time. Though we re-assigned our workers to cover our regularly scheduled jobs, we had to post-pone a one-time real estate cleaning. We knew that there would be fall-out - given the tight schedules that realtors maintain. We were never called back by that agent.

4/13/11: Window cleaning can be quite challenging with the steep terrain in Sausalito. Sometimes, our foreman must ask permission to set ladders in an adjacent property. In this particular case, the adjacent land owner not only gave us permission, but has employed our company twice since then to clean his own windows. We feel our crisp uniforms, our polite manner and the fact that we contacted the Owner before proceeding, all reflected who we are.

12/11/11: One of our customers impressed us so much. We have been sending her an annual “checking in” note every since. It was a brutally cold day for outside window cleaning and this customer brought out hot chocolate to all of our crew. I know it was a special boost to our guys.

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